Welcome to 2014!

Happy 2014!

After a very busy holiday season, we are now starting to settle into our new property in Hale, the other side of Farnham from before.  We had a number of guests over the festive season, with Leo, Popcorn, Nugget, Oreo and Elvis returning, as well as meeting Smudge, Suki, Loki, Malcolm and Fosters for the first time.  We also had out-calls to Wilma, Gracie, Puff, Guinea, Piggy, Mebe, Pede, Ramba, Kitty, Beanie, Hoppi and five rowdy ducks!  It has been lovely to see old friends and meet new ones, but I have to say we're looking forward to a peaceful week to catch up on unpacking!  I'm looking forward to putting up shelves in our pet room for all of our animal books - having them in a series of boxes and bags certainly doesn't make for an easy reference section!