Christmas Season Bookings!

We're booking up rapidly for Christmas right now with three bunnies, two map turtles, one pygmy hedgehog, two guinea pigs, one Syrian hamster and one dwarf hamster so far!

We still have space for two guinea pigs in our Orchard accommodation, 6 rats, and a 5ft glass tank (which is suitable for up to 3 gerbils, one Syrian hamster, or similar).

We do also have space for you to bring your pet's own cage, but this is going quickly as well.

Don't leave it until the last minute if you want your pet to board with us!

If we do book up in boarding, or your pet has specialist cage needs (or even has a cage too big to bring), we do offer pet sits in your home through-out the season.

Terms: Collection or drop-offs on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day all subject to twice daily rate - boarding animals staying over these days, but not being collected/dropped off are not affected by this.  Pet sits during these days are charged at twice daily rate, but sits on all other days are at normal rate.