Websites & Find Pet Boarding

The Armadillo Pets website is now semi-live.  Admittedly, right now it is just a place-holder page with not much bar the email address and phone number, but at least it is there and active!  We've gone with Goznet Systems, a web design company in Farnham to finish off the design created by Designer Mate, so we're on the road to having a fully functional and stylish website, but I'm just glad we have got our own web domain sorted out - check it out at!

In  addition, our Find Pet Boarding page seems to be doing well with 34 hits so far - I'm tempted to change from free listing to paid so that our website is shown, we shall see.

Very exciting stuff either way!

Bark in the Park 2012 & July Exotic Hedgehog Show - 28th July

Bark in the Park 2012 is being held at Calthorpe Park in Fleet on the 28th of July between 11am-3pm.  Also on the 28th is the Northamptonshire Exotic Hedgehog show - do comment if you want more details on either of these things.  Unfortunately, on both counts, Armadillo Pets have prior commitments (that's the day I'm off for my pet first aid course in Banstead), but that just means we hope you have fun without us at both of these events!

T-minus and counting

Armadillo Pets is currently in the process of packing up their belongings to make the move to Farnham (in Surrey), where we will open our doors to new clients and their pets.

Currently, our first customer looks set to be some chickens in need of holiday care, but we've had enquiries for guinea pigs and cats already, so things are looking good.  I know I'm eagerly looking forward to meeting new customers (and their owners, our clients!), and one of the best things about this work is the diversity.

The new website is almost finished by way of graphics, and after that, it is a hop-skip-and-jump (fingers crossed!) to getting it online and functional.  Part of this will be a photo gallery, so in addition to this blog, some of our customers can appear there courtesy of our connections with a wildlife photographer who wants to expand his repertoire to pets!

Roll on the chickens, here we come!