Easter Holiday Time!

Easter is almost on us...have you booked your pets in for their home-away-from-home luxury holiday?  Or their no-rush-plenty-of-fuss pet sit visits in their own home?

We're close to being booked up, so please contact soon to avoid being disappointed!

Happy Birthday!

So, not Armadillo Pets' birthday today, but it is the owner's birthday today!  She's spending the day caring for Mebe and Pede (cats), Orinoco (a pygmy hedgehog), Leo (the female leopard gecko), and Scruffy and Jeffrey (the guinea pig boys).

Who could be sad about that much in the way of cuddles?

Aftermath of Crufts

Crufts 2013 was fantastic, definitely worth going to.  We saw the judging of a number of breeds, including the Miniature Poodles and the Schipperke, as well as displays by the West Midlands Police on how they train their attack dogs, the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Scheme, as well as introductions to Bloodhounds, Working Trials and Obedience.

We also talked to Kennel Club members about Heelwork and Freestyle, as well as Rally and Agility showing.

We visited the Discover Dogs stands, and met our favourites, the three varieties of miniature dachshunds!  As well as the Eurasier's (our second favourite).  We also spoke to the owner of the Keeshonds, who was lovely - informative and helped along by some very, very adorable dogs!  We also chatted to the owners of three gorgeous Beagles, and met some simply beautiful Staffies.

We also walked around all of the stalls...
And just generally enjoyed the entire experience!

The hotel we stayed in was also great, and I'd recommend it to Crufts-goers in the future.  It was cheap, close to the NEC, easy to find (although their car park isn't fantastically sign posted, once out the front, the bar staff were welcoming and happy to direct me), the room was large (for a single), and comfortable with an en suite.  I'd go there again!
The link to it is here: www.innkeeperslodge.com/birmingham-nec-coleshill