Valentines Offer 2013

Going away for Valentine's Day week (11th-17th of February) and have a pair of pets?  We are offering all pair-bonded pets a 33% discount on all pet sits and small pet boarding.  Our pet sits are suitable for cats, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, and birds.  Our small pet boarding is suitable for rabbits, all rodent species and reptiles.

Why 33%?  Because of the way people use keyboard characters to type lovehearts <3

And we'd <3 <3 to see your pets this February!

Spring Half Term 2013

Going away this half term?  Book now to avoid disappointment as our small pet boarding books up quickly during the school holidays!

2013 - A New Year

Christmas and the start of the New Year have been manic, but in the loveliest way.  We have met new animals, and struck up friendships with them, as well as seeing summer and ad hoc clients as we passed out Christmas gifts to our furry, feathery and scaled customers.  We hope you enjoy your gifts, and from the responses we got (in person and otherwise), you seem to be doing just that!

Our next big holiday is the Winter School Half Term.  Don't forget to book pet sits and boarding in advance as we are already taking requests!

We have also had our first repeat boarding client, Sweep the rabbit.  Sweep is quite possibly the softest bunny I have ever touched (certainly a velveteen rabbit!), and seems to love sitting in my lap, relaxing and having conversations (in rabbit, naturally - nose wiggles, head tilting, and in his case, ear movements!)

We also have a couple of tentative requests for other repeat customers in the next few months, so within 6 months of opening, our small pet boarding is hitting a firm stride.  Over the holidays we've cared for a range of species, Sweep and Smartie the rabbits, Popcorn and Nugget the guinea pigs, Wilma, Gracie and Mittens (all boy cats!), 'Big' and 'Little' the un-named turtles, Rainbow and Snowflake the dwarf hamsters, Captain and Squeak the rattie boys, Quentin the pygmy hedgehog, as well as chickens and alpaca.  Combining business with a family Christmas has been a blur, but I honestly cannot say there has been any pet over this holiday that hasn't been less than a delight.  They have all been friendly, playful, cuddly or exploratory depending on their species, but all I would welcome back in a heartbeat!

All of our clients received, as part of their pet's seasonal gift, a voucher for themselves, and one for a friend.  So for January, we are not running promotions other than this.

Unless, of course, you are a dog owner and interested in purchasing a Dicky Bag?  We are planning on buying some of these fantastic bags (for holding the 'bad' part of dog ownership while out on walks!), and are offering 15% off the retail price to our customers in exchange for their bag having our logo on it.  We'll be placing the order at the end of January, so if you are interested, let us know by then!

I hope all of our clients had a fantastic holiday, and go on to have a great 2013, and don't forget to...