Summer Pet Boarding

Are you off on holiday over the summer?  What about your pets, who will care for them?  Armadillo Pets offers pet care by knowledgeable, insured and CRB-checked staff.  We hear tales of owners that trust neighbours to care for pets who forget during their own holiday bustle, or trusting friends with no experience or knowledge of pet first aid.

Our boarding prices include fresh food, dust-free substrate (suitable for your pet), and large enclosures.  We are members of the National Associates of Registered Pet Sitters, and Pet Sitters International.  For our small pet owner's peace of mind, we are also members of the Southern Hamster Club, National Fancy Rat Society, Rabbit Welfare Association (RWAF) and the British Exotic Mammal Association.

Trained, insured, CRB-checked, highly knowledgeable, and members of reputable trade and welfare associations...that'll be Armadillo Pets then!

Rowledge Village Fayre Today

 Excuse our longer response times today, we're at the Rowledge Village Fayre.  If you're local to Farnham, do come along (map below, or click here for directions) from 12pm.  There is a Fun Dog Show from 1pm, and we're handing out free dog treats from a whole range of brands, as well as selling pet goodies and raising money for charity!
Rowledge Village Fayre Map

Rowledge Village Fayre

The time has come, the armadillo said, to perform one's best trick and stuff one's self with treats!

And your dog can too!  On the 27th of May, we are taking part in the Rowledge Village Fayre.

For dog owners:
We are sponsoring the Fun Dog Show with beautifully made rosettes and prize bags including treats, toys and coupons.

At our stall, are running a free pick'n'mix of dog treats from brands such as Barking Heads, Harringtons (who have donated treats for the event!), Fish4Dogs, Laughing Dog, Pet Munchies, Billy + Margot and more!  And you did read that right, stop by our stall to say hi, choose the mix of treats to suit your dog, and we pop them in a bag!  Free!  Can't get cheaper than that!

We are also running a guess-the-number-of-dog-treats for you to win more, with all of the funds going to the Rowledge Village Fayre fund.

But we haven't forgotten that Farnham is full of other animals either!

We have a cat goodies raffle with donated food from Meowing Heads (who also own Barking Heads), as well as BecoThings items and fun toys!  All proceeds from this are going to the Farnham and Wey Valley Cat's Protection who do a sterling job caring for local cats in need of new homes.

Don't have a dog or a cat?  What about rabbits, rats, hamsters and gerbils?  We are running a a guess-the-weight jar for small pet owners as well with treats and toys suitable for everything from mice up to rabbits.  Come along and try your luck!

And if that wasn't enough, we also have lots of lovely BecoThings for sale at below RRP!  Cat bowls, dog bowls (small, medium, large and slow-feeder for dogs prone to bloat), balls, hoops and poop-bag holders in a range of colours.  BecoThings are made from rice husks and bamboo left over from the farming industry, and so are non-toxic, eco-friendly, quickly biodegrade and most importantly, all of their bowls are dishwasher safe!  The toys are coated in vanilla-scented natural rubber to add bounce and an irregular shape that dogs adore.  We use the toys on our dog walks, and the cat bowls also make fabulous food bowls for rabbits and guinea pigs, and brilliant shallow sand baths for hamsters (our dwarf hamsters adore chinchilla sand baths to dig in, bath in, and some even seem to think it is perfect to toilet in!  Keeping their fur non-greasy, and their cage easy to clean).
If you want an item in a colour we don't have, we also are offering free Farnham delivery for all products ordered at the village fayre price.  Can't get better than that - cheaper than the shops plus free delivery!