Summer Boarding

Summer is going to be very busy at Armadillo Pets as we're now almost completely booked up for the summer season!

Bunnies: Availability until the 2nd August and after the 25th of August.
Guinea Pigs: Availability until the 28th July, and after the 21st of August for our cages.  We have two spaces for bring-your-own-cage left for most of the summer (with a couple of patches where we only have space for one more).
Rats: Good news!  We still have summer availability for you!
Hamsters (Syrian, Chinese and all four dwarfs): Availability until the 2nd August and after the 15th August - some limited availability between these dates, please contact us to confirm.
Gerbils and Mice: Good news for you too, our whopping 5ft tank is still available over the summer for deep substrate burrowing fun!
 (All dates inclusive.  Dates in between ranges are very limited availability or
no availability, but please contact us to make sure we haven't had a cancellation!)

See that we have limited availability for boarding on the dates you are hoping for?  Don't despair!  We offer pet sitting visits to your home in Farnham (and surrounding villages) throughout the summer.  Your pet never leaves the comfort of their own home, and your house keeps its lived-in-look (no post piling up by the front door, and plants watered!) while you're away.  Please contact us for availability!