Summer Boarding Updated Availability.

Our summer holidays availability is nearly all gone!

Boarding still available:
Rats: Throughout the summer.
Hamsters, gerbils and mice: 16th July until 2nd August, then from the 16th August onwards.
Rabbits: Before 2nd August and after 25th August.
Guinea Pigs: After 26th August.

Holiday Pet Sitting:
For twice a day visits we have availability for 28th-2nd August, and then after the 25th of August.
For once a day midday visits we have availability for 22nd July to 2nd August, then after the 25th August.

Our daily visits are available on an ad hoc basis during most of the summer, but we choose to restrict our pet care holiday visits as we feel that spending all day out with pet sit clients means we cannot give enough attention to our boarding animals.  We may have long weekend availability, and availability for current clients, so please do contact us just in case as we have had a last minute cancellation!